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Creative Writing Board Lamp - Heart Shape, Front view with doodles, turned on.
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Short Description

A multifunctional lamp featuring a customizable message board, allowing you to illuminate your space with both light and personalized notes and doodles creating a unique and interactive decor piece.



BlankBoard: 3.94 * 5.91 inches/   Base: 3.82 * 1.57 inches
CalendarBoard: 3.94 * 5.91 inches/ Base: 3.82 * 1.57 inches
HeartBoard: 5.24 * 4.72 inches/     Base: 3.82 * 1.57 inches

Blank: Board: 10*15cm; Base: 9.7*4cm
Calendar: Board: 10*15cm; Base: 9.7*4cm
Heart: 13.3*12cm; Base: 9.7*4cm


Looking for a unique and practical decoration light to add to your home? Check out this creative message board lamp! It's not only a great decor piece, but it also serves as a functional message board.

Setting up the Creative  Board Lamp

Begin by connecting the lamp to a USB power source using the included USB cable. Once plugged in, the lamp will power on, and the message board will illuminate.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Creative Message Board Lamp?

A Creative Message Board Lamp is a unique and innovative lamp that combines lighting with a customizable message board. It allows you to write, draw, or display messages on the lamp's surface using chalk markers, creating a personalized and interactive lighting experience.

Are the markers safe to use on the lamp's surface?

Yes, the markers provided with the lamp are specifically designed to be used on the lamp's surface. They are typically non-toxic and easy to wipe off with a damp cloth or the eraser provided, ensuring that your message board stays clean and ready for your next creation.

How does the Message Board feature work?

The lamp comes with a specialized surface that can be written on using the included markers or pens. Once you've written or drawn your message, the lamp's light illuminates it, making your message stand out and adding a touch of creativity to your space.

Can I change the message frequently?

Absolutely! The beauty of the Creative Message Board Lamp is its versatility. You can change the message as often as you like. Simply erase or wipe off the previous message and create a new one whenever you're in the mood for a fresh design or quote.

Can I use the lamp as a regular light source?

Absolutely, the Creative Message Board Lamp functions as both a message board and a light source. When you're not using the message board feature, you can simply turn on the lamp to enjoy its lighting capabilities.

Is the lamp powered by batteries or electricity?

Creative Message Board Lamps can be powered either by batteries or electricity, depending on the model. Some lamps offer the flexibility of both options, allowing you to choose the most convenient power source for your needs.

Can I use the lamp as a decorative item?

Certainly! The lamp's unique design and customizable message board make it a fantastic decorative piece for any room. You can use it to display motivational quotes, reminders, artwork, or even special notes to your loved ones.

Use a tissue

It is very easy to erase the felt-tip pen with which you draw.