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Halloween Pumpkin Slippers - Fiier
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Short Description

Cozy and festive footwear adorned with cheerful pumpkins, adding a touch of Halloween charm to your comfort.

Festive Footwear

Step into the holiday spirit with Halloween Pumpkin Slippers, as they embody the festive charm of Halloween and add a delightful touch to your attire.

Size Chart and Guide 

The size of the slippers is in EU metrics. You can find the chart and guide for the size below as a picture.
Cozy Comfort
Wrap your feet in cozy comfort with Halloween Pumpkin Slippers, as their soft and plush materials provide a warm and comforting embrace on chilly Halloween nights.
Playful Expressions
Halloween Pumpkin Slippers greet you with playful expressions, bringing smiles to your face and spreading the joy and excitement of Halloween wherever you go.
Captivating Charm
Enchanting with their captivating charm, Halloween Pumpkin Slippers feature intricately designed pumpkins that capture the essence of the season, adding a touch of magic to your every step.
Spooktacular Treats

Experience a spooktacular treat with our Halloween Slippers Bundle, delivering the perfect package of cozy and festive footwear for your Halloween celebrations.

Frightfully Comfy

Step into frightful comfort with our Haunted House Slippers Set, combining the allure of Halloween with plush and cozy slippers that make every step a delight.

Ghoulishly Chic

Embrace ghoulishly chic style with our Pumpkin Patch Slippers Collection, offering a range of fashionable and comfortable slippers inspired by the charm of pumpkins.

Boo-tiful Treats

Treat yourself to a boo-tiful assortment of ghostly slippers, providing both warmth and a touch of Halloween whimsy with their adorable ghost designs.

Halloween packaging


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