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Custom Name and Fingerprint Necklace in Golden Color - Front View- custom necklace
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Short Description

Introducing our Heart-Shaped Fingerprint Necklace – a unique symbol of personal connection. Crafted with love, this necklace features a heart pendant engraved with your desired fingerprint and name, creating a one-of-a-kind keepsake. Express your individuality with this meaningful piece, perfect for gifting or as a cherished addition to your collection. Shop now and carry your heart around your neck.
Crafted with precision and designed for timeless elegance, this necklace combines unique personalization with high-quality materials
Chain Length: 45cm (17.7 in)
Style: Natural
Material: Titanium Steel
Type: Pendant
Packaging: Individually Packed
Pendant Material: Titanium Steel
Dimensions: Diameter (at the widest point) - 30mm (1.1 in)
How To Personalise 
Personalize your Heart-Shaped Fingerprint Necklace with a touch of your unique identity! Follow these simple steps:

1.**Capture the Fingerprint:** Take a clear, high-quality photo of your fingerprint using an ink stamp or from an official ID card. Ensure the details are crisp and easily visible.
2. **Email Us:** Send the fingerprint image along with the desired name to Our team will ensure the utmost care in translating this personal touch onto your pendant.

That's it! Our artisans will expertly craft your personalized necklace, making it a one-of-a-kind piece that beautifully encapsulates your individuality. Embrace the uniqueness – order your personalized necklace now!"
Custom Craftsmanship
Impeccably crafted, each Touchstone necklace is a bespoke creation, ensuring the precision and uniqueness of your personalized fingerprint.
Heartfelt Keepsake
Gift or wear this personalized accessory as a heartfelt keepsake—a reminder of the distinctive bond shared with someone special.

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