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Real Flower Night Light - Fiier
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Short Description

Celebrate the magic of nature with our exquisite Real Flower Night-Lights. Each light is a unique masterpiece, meticulously crafted with handpicked blooms, expertly preserved in clear resin for timeless beauty. Illuminate your space with organic elegance, knowing that you possess an original piece of nature's artistry. Our Night-Lights are exclusively handmade at FIIER Shop, ensuring unmatched quality and attention to detail. Embrace the serenity of blooming flowers and transform your surroundings into a haven of natural beauty. Experience the enchantment, exclusively available on our website."

A magically lit flower dream

Real flower night light creates a magical atmosphere in the space, illuminating your sleep with the gentle glow of flowers.

Romantic harmony of nature and light

Real flower night light combines the natural elements of flowers with warm light, creating a romantic and harmonious atmosphere.

Falling asleep with gentle petals

Real flower night light provides soothing lighting with flower petals that create a relaxing and pleasant atmosphere before bedtime.

A floral fairy tale that enlivens the night

Real flower night light brings a fairytale atmosphere to your space, turning the night into a magical experience with floral motifs and light.

Liven up the space with colorful flowers

Real flower night light brings vivid flowers into your room, adding freshness and beauty to the space during the evening hours

Delicate light that soothes the soul

Real flower night light emits a delicate light that soothes the soul and creates a pleasant ambience for relaxation.

The harmony of nature and peaceful night

Real flower night light combines nature and peaceful nights, bringing a sense of balance and tranquility to your space.

A magical garden illuminated by magic light

Real flower night light turns your room into a magical garden, filled with light that illuminates flowers in a unique way.

Floral elegance in the dark

Real flower night light brings floral elegance in the dark, creating a sophisticated atmosphere that will enchant everyone.


  • Led Bulb

  • Bluetooth

  • Stand


  • Led Bulb

  • Bluetooth

  • Stand


  • Led Bulb

  • Bluetooth

  • Stand

Night Light Brightness
  • Adjust the brightness to your liking
  • High-Quality Cryistal

  • Touch Turn ON-OFF 

  • Hold Dim the Light

Stand Specifications

  • Ordinary music

  • Easy to use

  • Excellent sound quality

  • High-Quality

  • Rotate-Stand

Connecting with Bluetooth?

  • Connection is possible with any Bluetooth device

  • It is possible to play music through any application

  • Excellent sound quality

  • Very easy to use

  • Modern Design

Battery charging

  • Charging Time 2-3h

  • Battery Duration 5-8h

  • The charger comes with lamp

  • Power 2W


  • Special package

  • Modern design

  • Opening in a simple way

  • Simple material

Frequently asked Questions

How long will the real flower inside the lamp last?

The real flower inside the lamp is preserved, so it can last for several years with proper care and maintenance.

Can the lamp be used as a nightlight?

Yes, the lamp can be used as a nightlight it even has a battery that will last up to 8 hours!

How should the lamp be cleaned?

The lamp should be cleaned with a dry or damp cloth. Avoid using harsh chemicals or cleaning solutions.

Is the lamp easy to set up?

The lamp is easy to set up, you just have to turn it on and it should work.

How does the lamp turn on?

The lamp has a small switch on the cord, you can turn it on and off with this switch.

Do you ship worldwide?

Yes! We ship worldwide.

Can the real flower inside the lamp be replaced if it fades?

The real flower inside the lamp is permanently set in the resin, so it cannot be replaced.

Is the lamp safe to use?

The lamp is made of non-toxic materials and is safe to use with proper care and maintenance.

What are the dimensions of the lamp?

The dimensions of the lamp will vary depending on the specific design and size of the lamp ball.

How should I store my lamp ball?

The lamp should be stored in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures.

Can the lamp be used outdoors?

The lamp is not designed for outdoor use and should only be used indoors to protect the real flower and wood.

Do you accept returns?

Yes. Simply ship the™ back to us within 30 days to get a full refund!