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Traditional Matcha Giftset - Fiier
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Short Description

An exquisite set that combines the finest matcha tea with authentic Japanese tools, providing a delightful and traditional experience for tea enthusiasts.

A Gateway to Serenity

Embark on a journey of tranquility and inner calm with the Traditional Matcha Giftset, immersing yourself in the art of Japanese matcha tea.

The Elixir of Elegance

Indulge in the elegance of matcha as the Traditional Matcha Giftset offers a meticulously curated collection of tools and ingredients for an authentic tea experience.

Essence of Pure Blis

Discover the pure bliss found in a cup of ceremonial-grade matcha, carefully ground to perfection, capturing the vibrant flavors and captivating aromas of Japanese tea culture.

Whisking Whispers

Hear the whispers of the bamboo whisk as it gracefully blends the matcha into a frothy elixir, creating a sensory symphony that transcends ordinary tea-drinking experiences.

Timeless Rituals

Immerse yourself in the timeless rituals of the Japanese tea ceremony, embracing the grace and mindfulness that accompany each preparation of matcha.

Frequently asked Questions

Do I get the tea with the set as well?

Our Traditional Matcha Giftset comprises of 7 pieces: a chasen (bamboo whisk), a chashaku (bamboo scoop), a chawan (ceramic matcha bowl), a traditional bamboo tool (Chashaku), a handmade bamboo spoon, a unique tea jar, and a stunning box.

Do I get the matcha tea with the set? 

No, unfortunately, our set does not come with the tea. 

Can I use the matcha bowl for other purposes?

Absolutely! The ceramic matcha bowl can be used for various beverages, soups, or as a decorative piece when not preparing matcha.

Is the bamboo whisk durable and easy to clean?

The bamboo whisk (chasen) is designed to be durable and easy to clean. Rinse it with warm water after each use, and let it air dry.

Is the matcha giftset suitable for beginners?

Yes, the Traditional Matcha Giftset is perfect for beginners and those new to matcha preparation, as it provides all the necessary tools to get started.

Is the matcha bowl dishwasher safe?

The matcha bowl is generally dishwasher safe, but we recommend handwashing to preserve its delicate craftsmanship.

Can I purchase additional matcha powder separately?

Yes, we offer refill options for matcha powder that you can purchase separately once you've finished the included supply.

Can I gift wrap the Traditional Matcha Giftset?

Yes, the Traditional Matcha Giftset makes an excellent gift, and you can also opt for gift wrapping services during the checkout process.